Poetry • Jenn Carson

TWO POEMS by JENN CARSON   Deep vein mnemonic My six year old unaware of his delicate beauty a transitory perfection I have to look away from to grow accustomed to the pain of its eventual absence My baby all smooth skin and elegant arms flexes his tiny bicep sees his inky vein popping says … Continue reading Poetry • Jenn Carson

Review: Samita Nandy / Katja Lee & Lorraine York

BOOK REVIEW #2 by SAMITA NANDY Celebrity Cultures in Canada by Katja Lee and Lorraine York 
[Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2016.]       Celebrity Cultures in Canada is a fascinating essay collection that sheds light on the production, distribution, and reception of celebrities in historical and contemporary contexts of Canada. Although the nation can be … Continue reading Review: Samita Nandy / Katja Lee & Lorraine York