A Poem • Jenn Carson

by JENN CARSON Bow and arrow My eldest son rolls with meon the kitchen’s hardwood floorand I pull him into a bow and arrow choke start to squeeze for the submissionand he groans and giggleshey it’s like being cuddledand then oh no!—eyes widenhe gags—we let golaugh and untangle limbs I roll onto my shouldersstack myself … Continue reading A Poem • Jenn Carson

Book Review: Danny Jacobs / Richard Gavin

BOOK REVIEWby DANNY JACOBS CHTHONIC TRANSCENDENCENEW BRUNSWICK REVIEWS ONTARIO RICHARD GAVIN’SGrotesquerie[Pickering: Undertow Publications, 2020, $20.Cover Art: Mike Davis.] Descents In a recent interview, Richard Gavin discussed the importance of “katabasis” to his work – an ancient Greek concept that suggests a journey downward, often to the underworld. Grotesquerie, Gavin’s latest collection of dark fiction, draws … Continue reading Book Review: Danny Jacobs / Richard Gavin

Book Reviews: Cowper / Kidd / LeBlanc / McKay

BOOK REVIEWS by DANIEL COWPER ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: BOWEN ISLAND REVIEWS CALGARY MONICA KIDD’S Chance Encounters with Wild Animals [Kentville: Gaspereau Press, 2019. $21.95] AMY LeBLANC’S I Know Something You Don’t Know [Guelph: Gordon Hill Press, 2020. $20.00] STUART IAN MCKAY’S even the idea of maya is maya [Victoria: Frog Hollow Press, 2019. $15.00] In addition … Continue reading Book Reviews: Cowper / Kidd / LeBlanc / McKay