Book Review: Danny Jacobs / Kelly S. Thompson

BOOK REVIEW by DANNY JACOBS No, This Story Would be Mine KELLY S. THOMPSON’S Girls Need Not Apply: Field Notes from the Forces 
[McClelland & Stewart, 2019]       After 60-odd pages of ostracization, verbal abuse, indignities, failures, and physical hardship, an eighteen-year-old Kelly Thompson experiences her first triumph while fieldstripping her weapon during … Continue reading Book Review: Danny Jacobs / Kelly S. Thompson

Book Review: Rachel More • Margaret Lindsay Holton

BOOK REVIEW by Rachel More Margaret Lindsay Holton’s Trillium 
 Trillium by Margaret Lindsay Holton is a book that is steeped in both geography and history. A very specific, very localized geography and history. Trillium chronicles the history of the Niagara Peninsula and European settlement and development here. From the first sentence “Clinging tightly to … Continue reading Book Review: Rachel More • Margaret Lindsay Holton

Poetry • Jenn Carson

TWO POEMS by JENN CARSON   Deep vein mnemonic My six year old unaware of his delicate beauty a transitory perfection I have to look away from to grow accustomed to the pain of its eventual absence My baby all smooth skin and elegant arms flexes his tiny bicep sees his inky vein popping says … Continue reading Poetry • Jenn Carson

Poetry • Anne Bokma

ORANGE by ANNE BOKMA   I am an orange solid in your hands heavy as a heart you toss me from one palm to the other and back again then roll me across the kitchen table loosening the dimpled skin that protects the secret inside you push your thumb into the navel and feel the … Continue reading Poetry • Anne Bokma