Poetry • by Margaret Nowaczyk

Practical Anatomy or What You Didn’t Know Your Body Possessed by Margaret Nowaczyk Cells, chambers, canals, crypts, a selection of cisterns of varying calibers, a pipe, a bridge, a set of nails, cement: a castle starter kit. For antiquity lovers: columns and pyramids. And domed temples. For your travelling needs: vessels, trunks, sacs, and pouches. … Continue reading Poetry • by Margaret Nowaczyk

Review • Jeffery Donaldson / Shane Neilson

BOOK REVIEW by JEFFERY DONALDSON Shane Neilson’s Poker Face: The Manifesto of Fervourism The Manifesto of Fervourism  by Shane Neilson 
[A Ryga Chapbook, Okanagan College, 2015.]  From HA&L issue 8.2 Shane Neilson’s The Manifesto of Fervourism left me with one preoccupying question: At what point does a poker face become a form of disguised tongue-in-cheek? In short, … Continue reading Review • Jeffery Donaldson / Shane Neilson