Book Review: Robert Colman / Tamar Rubin

BOOK REVIEWby ROBERT COLMAN POETRYNEWMARKET REVIEWS WINNIPEG TAMAR RUBIN’STablet Fragments[Winnipeg: Signature Editions, 2020, $17.95] Most of my favourite lyric poetry involves poems that propose broad but endlessly relevant questions. E.g., What do we carry with us of our years of experience? How do we witness our lives and of those who touch us? And how … Continue reading Book Review: Robert Colman / Tamar Rubin

Book Reviews: Rubin / Walsh / Nason / Clarke

BOOK REVIEWS by TAMAR RUBINPORTRAITS:VEGETABLE, ANIMAL AND MUSICAL WINNIPEG REVIEWSFREDERICTON, CALGARY, & HALIFAX MATTHEW WALSH’SThese are not the potatoes of my youth[Fredericton: icehouse poetry – Goose Lane Editions, 2019. $19.95] JIM NASON’SRooster, Dog, Crow[Calgary: Frontenac House Poetry, 2018. $19.95] GEORGE ELLIOTT CLARKE’SPortia White: A Portrait in Words[Halifax: Nimbus Publishing House Poetry, 2019. $21.95] Mathew Walsh … Continue reading Book Reviews: Rubin / Walsh / Nason / Clarke

A Poem • Jenn Carson

by JENN CARSON Bow and arrow My eldest son rolls with meon the kitchen’s hardwood floorand I pull him into a bow and arrow choke start to squeeze for the submissionand he groans and giggleshey it’s like being cuddledand then oh no!—eyes widenhe gags—we let golaugh and untangle limbs I roll onto my shouldersstack myself … Continue reading A Poem • Jenn Carson