Book Review: Danny Jacobs / Richard Gavin

BOOK REVIEWby DANNY JACOBS CHTHONIC TRANSCENDENCENEW BRUNSWICK REVIEWS ONTARIO RICHARD GAVIN’SGrotesquerie[Pickering: Undertow Publications, 2020, $20.Cover Art: Mike Davis.] Descents In a recent interview, Richard Gavin discussed the importance of “katabasis” to his work – an ancient Greek concept that suggests a journey downward, often to the underworld. Grotesquerie, Gavin’s latest collection of dark fiction, draws … Continue reading Book Review: Danny Jacobs / Richard Gavin

Book Review: Rachel More • Margaret Lindsay Holton

BOOK REVIEW by Rachel More Margaret Lindsay Holton’s Trillium 
 Trillium by Margaret Lindsay Holton is a book that is steeped in both geography and history. A very specific, very localized geography and history. Trillium chronicles the history of the Niagara Peninsula and European settlement and development here. From the first sentence “Clinging tightly to … Continue reading Book Review: Rachel More • Margaret Lindsay Holton

Short Works Prize!

Submit! The 3rd Annual SHORT WORKS PRIZE for Writing. Open to Hamilton-area authors, emerging writers, and youth. Presented in partnership by Hamilton Arts & Letters magazine, Bryan Prince Bookseller, and the Hamilton Public Library. For more information click here! DEADLINE EXTENDED:   July 4, 2016. Thanks to our 2016 Sponsors: McMaster University, Redeemer University College, The Rotary … Continue reading Short Works Prize!